Model 01412

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Model 01412
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The apparatus for determining the grain size composition of sand: model 01412 is designed to determine the grain size distribution, modulus of fineness and average grain size of foundry sands by the vibration method and is used for work in land laboratories of foundries and central factory laboratories.
Machine components
The device consists of a body, which is designed for mounting all the components of the device. A vibration damper is installed inside the housing, on which an electromagnet is fixed. A vibrator table is mounted on top of the body, through which vibrations are transmitted from the electromagnet to the table on which the sieves are installed. The sieves are attached to the table with a clamping device.
Installation principle
The device is controlled from the panel, the controls include a toggle switch for turning the device on and off, a regulator for changing the amplitude of oscillations, a time relay for setting the sieving duration. 50 grams of a sample (sandy base) remaining after elutriation of the clay component is dried and placed on the upper mesh of the sieve set. A basin is placed under the lower sieve, the upper sieve is closed with a lid. The assembled set of sieves is placed on the table of the apparatus and fixed. The device is turned on with a toggle switch, it is turned off automatically. After sieving, the entire test sample is divided into twelve parts (eleven sieves and a bowl). Each of the parts is individually weighed to the nearest 0.01 gram and multiplied by two. The values obtained are expressed as a percentage by weight residues on each sieve in relation to the entire initial sample of 50 g.

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